5 Step Design Process – Start To Finish

We understand how daunting the whole process may be, understanding council approval, relevant planning controls and the general requirements for your project. At RenovatePlans, we act as a one-stop-shop and will navigate the process from concept to construction for you. If there are any specific questions, feel free to send an email through to us and we will respond ASAP.

Step 1 – Project Brief

We will discuss your proposal in detail to find out exactly what it is you want. Once we have an outline of your objective we can then advise the smoothest pathway to achieving what you want. Your project may require a survey, sewer diagram or section 149 certificate (for complying development) before we begin the design.

Step 2 – Site Meeting

If the project is a renovation, we will need to “measure up” the existing building/s to show the existing and proposed. Once we have produced accurate drawings of your existing dwelling, it is easy to create the spaces and solutions your project needs. We also do a site visit for new builds to assess the site to produce the best design possible.

Step 3 – Design Brief & Preliminary Design

We will go through a detailed scope of works to get a complete summary of your needs. Once the design brief is completed, sketches are produced and amended and a preliminary design is sent to you. All amendments to the drawings are made at this stage.

Step 4 – Design Approval

Once you are entirely satisfied with your plans, “design approval” stage is reached. At this stage we proceed to document and detail your plans and get quotes for you from the necessary consultants such as engineers, BASIX consultants, heritage consultants and the like.

Step 5 – DA/CDC Lodgement

Development Application / Complying Development Certificate

By this stage, all the required information is ready to be printed and lodged. We will arrange a quote from our certifier, or council application fee and complete all application forms for you.  An “owner’s consent form” will be sent to you which needs to be signed and returned, allowing RenovatePlans to act on your behalf for the application and answer all questions asked by council.