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Getting More From Your Property
Before moving forward, let’s get to know more about granny flats and what possible benefits they have for a homeowner. First off, a granny flat is an extension of a home that is usually detached from the existing house unit. A granny flat is basically a small home that caters to a variety of people, including elderly family members, single people who don’t need too much space, or a young family starting out.

The best part of a granny flat is the profit if it were to be rented out once it is complete.  This option will give you a constant extra cash flow and great returns. Let’s discuss further the specifics of modern granny flats and how a homeowner can benefit from having one on their property.

Office Space for Business Owners

Granny flats offer business owners the perfect place to have their own home based business areas. The design can be completed to suitably fit your needs and requirements, subject to compliance with applicable legislation. The growing cost of rent and outgoings on most commercial premises has proven to be too expensive and not feasible for most. The result of this stretched budget is the choice of a granny flat for their office.

Working the hours you want, saving on fuel and working from home, what more could you want? Further, being a detached structure still allows the required professional atmosphere for your business, but the distance to your home also allows for the perfect work/life balance. Plus, having your own space means you can give it a personal touch with the options and details that work best for you. If you’ve been looking for granny flat designs Sydney then you’re at the right place.

Granny Flat Design And Amenities
While it is relatively smaller than the actual house erected on a plot of land, granny flat projects are intended to be self-sufficient. This means such a flat can act as a stand-alone home with all the amenities that a normal house would and you can add some local inclusions. It normally includes a bedroom, a kitchen (or something smaller), a living area, a bathroom, and a laundry area. All these amenities are necessary for building a granny flat.

However, Granny Flat Designs have endless options. Simply because it’s a smaller version of a home doesn’t mean its design must just be outright boring. Granny flats can be designed with a view to be just like full-sized homes. The designs could be endless as it could range from simple to extravagant, depending on the homeowner and its intended use. Some flats that are intended to be rented out won’t necessarily require an extravagant interior. A simple home-like interior plan would suffice.

The Advantage Of Granny Flat Legislation
There are many other developments that require large upfront investment with no guarantee of approval or time-frame for approval. State-wide legislation GUARANTEES approval for many standard suburban allotments. The Granny Flat Designs are limited to 60 square metres in floor area as well as landscaping, height, setback controls and more but as mentioned, many standard suburban residential plots of land are able to achieve compliance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009, meaning we can have your granny flat designed and approved in under 6 weeks, TOTAL! With a 2-3 month building time frame, this means any loan repayments will very soon be assisted with the return from your small investment.
Why You Should Get Expert Granny Flat Designs Sydney
Although you could pretty much design one on your own, it is still best to consult experts with the design of your granny flat. There are a number of reasons for this. First is the overall aesthetics of the flat. A homeowner can never deny a good design from a reputable company or professional builder with good testimonials. It’s only fair to give your granny flat a great design before it is built.

In addition to this, it’s also more alluring for prospects in case you want to rent it out. Second, you can maximize the space of your lot with a good custom design. If you are unsure of how to build your granny flat, it’s best to leave it to expert builders to get the most out of every metre of your property. The best design could make use of space a lot better. It could also incorporate the latest inventions with modern aspects, often found on display or in a home design gallery.

Streamlined Process From Design and Approval Through to Construction
If you are looking for a streamlined service that takes you from start to finish, contact us today. Our team arranges all the necessary documentation to have your project designed, approved and ready to build in no time! Our experience over the years has helped us to search for the best ways to address your varied needs. We have several packages to choose from. Working with a professional company that listens to your design needs is only one part of the picture. The next big step is construction!
Professional Granny Flat Design
During our time in the industry, we’ve been able to watch and see which selected handful of talented qualified, professional building contractors are most efficient and reliable, building quality work. This means that we are able to connect you with someone at your level that can get this project out of the ground and hand over the keys when it’s ready to be moved into! Reach us on phone, visit our website or come to our offices so we can get started.

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