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Working With A Quality Building Designer
Building Designer & Draftsman in Sydney starting out with your building project, it is important to engage the services of a quality building designer with the skills to create perfect drawings. Working with a highly esteemed consultant with high standards means the smallest details of your project won’t be overlooked. As you well know, the small details count, whether for a commercial or residential project.

There are many small scale projects that seem like they may not require design skills or knowledge of relevant legislation. An extension of your residential home or office property is one example. However, our industry is such a large and complex one, that we always recommend discussing your project with a designer and professional builders before making important decisions. They may use CAD to do the design drafting in 3D and give you the complete support needed to bring your project to completion.

A building designer can guide you through design briefing, choosing interior and exterior finishes, and the current materials that work best, creating a functional and practical home layout that works well for you and your family. Don’t skimp on the best home of your dreams when selecting the professional draftsman that designs your home.

Do We Need An Architect, Or A Building Designer?
The answer to this question is not a straight-forward one. Architects and Building Designers alike offer very similar, if not identical, services. One difference between the two is the higher level of qualification an Architect has (which is a Degree and Master’s in Architecture from an Australian University), whereas a Building Designer receives their qualification from a TAFE Diploma, and can further their qualifications through further studies with qualifications or accreditation through Australia-wide associations including designers association or the Building Designers Association of Australia.

Nonetheless, many impressive designs are created by Building Designers. They are also estimated to be preparing 75-80% of residential work, according to the Building Designers Association of Australia. You can also try out a person going through architectural training or a design building student. They will be more than happy to assist. The disclaimer is that you should remember they are still in training.

In short, working with a professional that you feel comfortable with, that also has a proven track record of being successful in similar projects in Sydney, is one of the most logical ways to pick the most suitable person for the job. That way, you will ensure they can create the type of design you need whether it’s an architect or draftsman.

Building Designers & Sustainability
Draftsman in Sydney best draftsmen in Sydney factors are considered and required when planning and providing design work to a project; one of them is sustainability. With the rise of environmental concerns based on recent events on the news such as climate change, it is important that energy consumed in your home is kept to a minimum, not by brute force but by calculated, sustainable design efforts based on facts. A deliberate program code should be in place to cover this corporate need.

Passive design is a key part and type of great sustainable building design, including the use of techniques to efficiently collect solar energy to heat your home and cool it through intelligently placed ventilation and the right insulation, which is stipulated by the BASIX® Certificate we provide you with.

Orientation is another critical consideration when planning your architectural layout. We aim at using the western side of homes’ buildings to contain all non-habitable spaces such as wet areas, garages and storage areas. Next, the eastern side contains bedroom areas, which can enjoy the morning sunlight in winter, and block it out in summer with the use of shading devices or eaves calculated to suit the windows structural layout. This should also provide you with a great view of your environs. Even commercial buildings need to be made with such considerations.

An experienced designer can easily do this. Find one through testimonials, which you can access online on some of the top websites that have been offering design services in the Sydney area and NSW over the years. You can also get more insights when you read their web content.

Dealing With Sydney's Council, Certifiers And Planning Controls
We deal with Council, Certifiers and legislation relevant to the management of building projects daily. This means that we can skip the hassles involved in a building project for you by dealing with them ourselves. Planning controls can be tricky and even ambiguous, but we are constantly checking for updates and technology links from any technical association, furthering our understanding of the way the system works when we apply the information. You can therefore trust us to provide proper navigation for this.

With new and innovative requirements being updated constantly, why tire yourself trying to understand all the concepts applied in a building project, including drawings? We handle all this for you! Save time and spare yourself the frustration and search for a professional building designer to handle this for you.

Understanding the process and approval pathways

We have prepared content with flow charts that outline our process for Development Applications, Complying-Development Certificates and Construction Certificates. This means that you can conveniently track and gauge the process, along with the requirements along the way, and see exactly what we are doing for you.

Enquire today through our online support and ask about our flow charts and we’ll be more than happy to send one through! You don’t have to login to access this.

Typical Development Applications to Council can be avoided if you comply with State-wide Legislation, allowing your project to be approved through a fast-tracked system known as Complying Development. Speak to us today and find out if our team can have your project approved in a short, two-week period!

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