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Factors To Consider Before Your Start Your Home Renovation or Home Extension Project
To make sure that everything is done right, it is best to enlist the help of a professional like a building designer or a draftsman to assist you. They will not only guarantee you a successful project by recommending the top builders, but also stay within the budget all throughout the project.

Be open about what you desire, and discuss details including cost and price, style, and other products you may want to enjoy. You can borrow ideas online when you visit a local website’s gallery, the latest companies on facebook, or what’s trending on twitter. For example, you can get tips on bathroom renovations, improvements of kitchens and other details of your custom home which you can add.

A Holistic Approach Works Well

Before you start a renovation or extension project, carefully consider the top results you wish to have when the work is completed. For instance, before you decide that you want to install new windows, why don’t you think about the problem that you wish to be solved? Do you need more heat, light, or easier access to the garden?

Commercial experts, specialists and builders recommend that homeowners like you take the holistic approach. What does this mean? You should take into account the different aspects of your home like your walls, floor, doors, windows, heating, cooling, electricity, and even the plumbing system. Think things through. Make a list if necessary so you never miss anything important.

By taking this kind of approach, you will be addressing your main concerns rather than making temporary fixes. You can also enhance these plans by creating a full plan on how you will carry out maintenance in your home. For instance, proper maintenance of your bathrooms will result in the elimination of the need to do a complete overhaul of them for years sometimes.

Complying Developers, Development Application and Construction Certificates
If your renovation or house extension includes substantial works, it is likely that you will require approval. There are two approval pathways available, being through a DA and CC, or straight through with a CDC. Complying developments offer a straight forward, fast-tracked approval pathway for works that are within the applicable regulations.

Our team consists of experts in all aspects of approval that will guide you through the options, time frames and costs associated with your project. You can visit our office location for more details. Many of our home additions are approved as Complying Developments, meaning our clients get to enjoy a smooth two-week, guaranteed approval, subject to compliance. This saves time, money and Council headaches.

Affordability Versus Value
Renovation/extension projects mean construction to an existing complete structure. Often times this is called “opening up a can of worms” because many underlying issues with the home are disguised, such as rotten or aged framing, or outdated and non-compliant electrical wiring. This can present additional costs to the overall budget that were not accounted for. Further, a renovation does not provide as much value as a brand new home. This is because the levels of attention to detail, care, labour and time needed on a renovation can be greater than even building a new home, as well as the complications mentioned above.

On the flip-side, a house extension can allow the sentimental value to be kept and prove to make your home the fantastic place you always dreamed of. With property prices sky-rocketing, it’s no wonder many Australians are renovating, not moving homes to upsize.

Not only does a home addition allow you to keep the sentimental value associated with your home, the overall affordability is better. You can even do a second storey to your home or a storey extension project. Request the builder for estimates of the full cost of doing a second storey in your area. Create the home of your dreams in Australia. Make a move. We are the home extensions Sydney based experts so get in touch today on phone and let’s chat about your renovation project.

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