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Hiring The Right Designer For Your New Home
Building your dream home…what an amazing experience! If you are looking at getting a new home design, engaging a suitable and qualified architect or building designer is a great first step toward this. Our unique business model means when you work with us, all documentation aspects are taken care of. From BASIX® to Design, Engineering, Surveying, and Private Certifier approvals, our team of draftsman and designers can take you from concept to construction.

Hiring a draftsman provides total control of new home designs. Provided that you pick out a well established and reputable draftsman to take care of your project, you will have that peace of mind knowing that you are working with an expert who has experience in creating homes similar to what you are looking for. The draftsman’s extensive experience will give them a good understanding as to what the builders require and what buyers are in search for, too.

New Home Design Factors You Should Consider
There are many factors to consider before taking the first step with your new home design. The site constraints, budget/finance range and personal requirements or the quality of lifestyle (e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms) are the main important elements. If you are unsure of where to start, we offer a free 15-minute consultation to help you outline the details involved in weighing up these features and factors.

When considering the site, it is important to have spent as much time there as possible. Major factors like the size of the house land packages and width need to be considered. Some of the smaller details include things like privacy, which way you can see your favourite views, or where the cooling summer winds blow in from. To get even more technical, neighbouring structures and overshadowing, as well as sun paths can be discussed and assessed to really plan your home properly. Anything that could block the sun should be dealt with. Check some display homesin your region to get an idea of some aspects that you find appealing.

New Home Design Experience Is Essential
Don’t forget to choose an experienced draftsman who doesn’t just designs houses. Keep in mind that the technological advancements of today, as well as the availability of various computer programs, allows nearly anyone to come up with a floor plan. For example, a person can check on Google or get a tutorial on YouTube, Instagram or find relevant pictures on Pinterest or Facebook about floor plans. However, only experienced individuals will able to competently take all these drawings to the next level.

The draftsman you hire should also be capable of creating all the required plans so you can get approvals as well as a buildable home. We pride ourselves in providing descriptive, detailed, neat and tidy plans that are not only visually appealing but practically too. Through assessing and learning from previous projects, it is our policy to strive to continually improve and provide better service each and every time.

Understanding Your Design Requirements
We have provided a blog post that outlines the latest tips on how to develop a house design brief. This is a critical requirement for your draftsman, designer or architect to establish a reference point and benchmark on what the final outcome of your home is. This not only reminds you of exactly what you want, but keeps a written reference for your designer too, so nothing is forgotten. The planning phase is the most time-consuming period for new home designs, where all factors are considered when preparing the initial plans for you. You may have special living conditions that demand a single or double-storey home. This part of the process should not be rushed.
Communication Skills & Design
Renovate Plans offers you a listening ear. We have a track record and testimonial base to prove our communication skills are real and worthy. Communication is vital for a perfectly finished collection of homes. A good draftsman knows how to listen to the ideas and requirements of his client, not ignore them.

Apart from all these things, your hired help must also be ready and willing to answer all of your questions. Some of our projects throw thousands of questions at us – each and every one answered, no calls unreturned. Keep in mind, hiring only the best is important especially since new home designs represent significant investments.

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