Small House Extension at Clovelly NSW

Congratulations to our client on his recently completed house extension in Clovelly, NSW. Before the renovation, the semi-detached dwelling was a two bedroom dark and cluttered home.

Sam approached us with urgency, requiring an extra bedroom and a stylish upgrade to some of the existing features within the home.

With another child coming along into this young Australian family, this bedroom had to be planned, designed and built very quickly.

How did we plan the house extension?

This small house extension consisted of the addition of a bedroom, as well as the reconfiguration of the bathroom/laundry layout to allow the hall way path to walk into a stylish and fresh open plan living area combining kitchen and dining spaces.

The plans are very similar before and after but a few small tweaks has totally changed the feel and functionality of this home and the value too.

As seen above, the demolition of the existing laundry and bathroom cleared the path for the continuation of the hallway wall. This enclosure provided a perfect spot for bedroom three and a bathroom behind it.

The location of the bathroom is essential as it serves the living areas by being within close proximity which diminishes the need for people to be walking into the private zones of the house. Due to a tight budget there were not too many changes to items such as windows, doors and other cosmetics, the layout was the major factor here.