Hire A Draftsman Before Renovating

Why should you hire a draftsman before your renovation project?

Well, here at RenovatePlans we have had many clients approach us to prepare the design and documentation of a “building certificate” for unauthorised works.

A building certificate is also sought by buyers or sellers of a property to ensure that there are no issues with the property such as development which was undertaken that had no approval.

Even if you are considering knocking down a small wall and opening up a space or re configuring the layout of the existing house it is highly advised to seek professional services to assist you.

For minor renovations such as a new kitchen, a cabinetry maker will be able to offer examples and working drawings which are adequate for this kind of work.

As a draftsman, the first step in preparing the required plans are measuring the existing structures that have been built on site and confirming the previous layout or structures. We have found many of these projects to have been poorly thought out and non-practical from a design perspective due to the owner not hiring a draftsman before their renovation.

The few thousand dollars spent hiring a professional draftsman to discuss and design your future layout or renovation project are minuscule in comparison to the suffering of living in a home that does not work how it should.

Reasons You Should Hire A Draftsman Before Renovating

  1. The contractor and/or tradesmen involved will want to work off a proper set of building plans. This ensures them that you already know what you want and it complies with council regulations and Australian standards. Many tradesmen will increase the price in their quote if there are no plans because they know this type of work will be more time consuming.
  2. Legal action may be taken against you and in the worst case scenario, the works may be required to be demolished along with a penalty from your local council. Many people are unaware of the limitations of exempt development and as such it is highly recommended that you discuss your project with us.
  3. Hiring a draftsman for drafting services is not expensive. If you have already taken the time to think about what you want and have a good idea to provide, the quote can be reduced and an affordable price can be offered.
  4. The general public and average home owner are unaware of many of the factors involved in building and construction as well as design of a functional home. If you solely hire a builder with no intention of having professional drafting services your builder may provide ideas that are more costly in order to earn a larger sum from you.
  5. There are many innovative products in the ever-growing industry of architecture. These are not often introduced to all builders and home owners. On the other hand, a passionate designer will have done countless hours of research to find modern, convenient and aesthetically pleasing elements to introduce to your renovation.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering undertaking any building works that require council approval or private certification.