13 Bathroom Safety Tips For Young Children

With so much going on day to day, it is hard to keep things under control at times.

If you want to make your bathroom safer for the children, incorporate as many of the 13 tips below into your bathroom.

1. Soft Close Toilet Seat

This is one of those small things that you find out about when the time comes but never get around to fixing. Children will often slam or drop the seat with out meaning to and get hurt in the process – invest in a soft close toilet seat.

2. Have A Spare Seat

Standing and attempting to help your child can be difficult. A small bench seat is an ideal solution to the constant leaning and bending involved in parent’s bathroom duties.

3. Access To The Tap

Small children will not be able to access a deep vanity with the tap at the back. A simple solution is a side-mounted tap that is accessible is a great way to prevent any climbing!

4. Low Shower Basket & Pump-Soap In Sink

A low shower basket is great due to the fact that a small child can reach it and get what they need.

Pump soap is a great alternative to a bar of soap because of the mess and cleaning it prevents.

5. Half Screen Shower

As well as being a modern bathroom element, semi-screen showers are a great option. Children are not good at opening and closing doors and a non-toughened shower door could easily shatter.

6. Quality Exhaust

It can be difficult to deal with the odour in the bathroom. A high quality exhaust system or dedicated toilet exhaust can solve this issue. Check out Odourvac for products.

7. High Towel Racks

Often children will jump and climb and swing off any thing in their reach. A towel rack that is in reach can be a dangerous part of a bathroom. Keep the towel rack high and have a long towel that they can reach instead.

8. Toy Drawer

If your child has bathtub toys a great way to keep them from getting in the way and causing a mess is to have a separate drawer or basket for them.

9. Smooth Corners

Avoiding sharp edges and corners is a very important part of a child safe bathroom. Consider smooth materials and rounded edges.

10. Bath Seat

Bathing a child can be extremely difficult with water splashing everywhere and making the floor slippery. Space for a seat on the end or side of the bath tub is a great option to make this easier.

11. Low Power Lights

A low power night light is essential to keep the kids from getting scared of the dark and finding their way around safely. Consider a low power light to run all night.

12. Slip Resistant Strips Near Sink & Tub

Temporary slip resistant strips can be stuck on and removed at any time and are convenient yet great for preventing a slip.

13. Slip Resistant Flooring

Generally, the more slip resistant or rough the finish, the harder to clean. The opposite is a glossy finish which is easier to clean and even easier to slip. A matte finish can be great for non slip but also a nightmare to clean. Take time in selecting the right floor.